King Mountain Glider Park
Turn Points

Turn Points

“These slow glides in rising currents probably hold out greater hope of extensive practice than any other method within man’s reach… …when gliding operators have attained greater skill, they can, with comparative safety, maintain themselves in the air for hours at a time in this way, and thus by constant practice so increase their knowledge and skill that they can rise into the higher air and search out the currents which enable the soaring birds to transport themselves to any desired point by first rising in a circle and then sailing off at a descending angle.”
Wilbur Wright, Sept 18, 1901.

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Idaho Aviation System Airports can be viewed online at Just click into the general area of the map and then click on to individual airports for more information and a printable airport chart.

State of Idaho owned Airport Status with some photos

Pilots Please Note: The Howe airport is located just 15 miles east of our location. Gen Shibayama has photographed the runway and has noted 1.5 foot tall steel reflective runway markers located 58 feet apart. This could present a hazard for larger sailplanes. For further information and photographs of the Howe Airport please see Gen’s Blog at


The Montana Aeronautical Chart is viewable online at

Montana Airports can be reviewed at