King Mountain Glider Park
Airfield Layout

Airfield Layout



Located at 5500′ foot elevation in the Big Lost River Valley of Idaho, the King Mountain Glider Park has 17 Acres of airfield operations area (AOA) comprised of 4 basic components. A 3900′ foot  by 120′ foot turf runway which has been planted in drought resistant high altitude grass (not yet mature.) A 330′ cable tie down area (supplemented with 1000′ foot of additional tie down area  adjoining the glider staging area.) A 500′ X 150 ‘ Hang Glider and Paraglider Landing Zone (LZ.) And finally, an ample glider staging area with an observers parking lot at the main entrance.

Glider Park looking NE during Inaugural Safari
Our Local Hang Glider Instructor, Alan Paylor from King Mountain Gliders.
Alan Paylor our good friend and long time flyer at King.