King Mountain Glider Park
Lower Launch

Lower Launch

Lower Launch


Paraglider at Lower Launch by Greg Schutte


 atv-panorama-webLower Launch at King Mountain is a great place to enjoy the scene.

photo by Blaine Perkins
photo by Blaine Perkins

Here is a great shot of Lower Launch during the King Mountain Hang Gliding Championships held each year. 

gebo-pre-launch-web1A very smooth and open surface for setting up right next to the parking area. 

gebo-kite-web2A very gentle and grassy slope.

gebo-launch-web1Wide open departure path.

gebo-glide-webA 5 to 1 to the Glider Park with thermal generators and 2 landing zones on the way.

RoyBoy and UAh!

A great place for the worlds best Drivers and Navigators to take in the scene!