King Mountain Glider Park
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News and Events




The King Mountain Glider Park Foundation is now formed! 

Many thanks to all for your generous donations, which along with a grant by the Foundation For Free Flight, has created a 501c3 Charity that will take the grass Airfield into the future for public use at no charge. A celebration of the gifting of the Airfield to the King Mountain Glider Park Foundation is planned during the September Safari.


Groovy Videos about Gliding at King!

An Oldie but a Goodie by John about the Safari at King Mountain


David Aldrich is producing a full length film about Hang Gliding. Dave has shared a short clip from the film shot during the 2011 Hang Gliding Championships at King Mountain. Really cool!  Dreaming Awake at King Mountain Idaho

Another Great Video about the Idaho Hang Gliding Association’s famous open distance competition as featured on Idaho Public Television.

The entire show is award winning, but you can fast forward to 14:55 to see Hang Gliding at King.

Whoohoooo we did it!

The Airfield Irrigation System was completed at the end of 2021. The dedicated and first-class system will up and running April of 2022.

The Glider Park is going to be Green! 

Many thanks to all who donated and helped make this milestone become a reality.

The Nelson Big Gun moved by a Kifco Reel (the largest in the State) will irrigate the entire width of the Runway and the LZ (270′ Feet) in one overnight pass. The system moves 130 GPM through one giant sprinkler head at 80 PSI. The system has a dedicated well and a buried mainline supply network.


The King Mountain 180 HP Super Pacer tow plane is ready for the 2022 season!

Tows are available during the annual Safari and throughout the soaring season by pre-arrangement. Call John at 208-407-7174


Photo of Mr. Piper at the 2017 Safari by Wayne Millyard


The 17 acres of airfield…with 12 acres of irrigated Grass Runway 3920′ x 120′ and 5 acres of Hang Glider and Paraglider LZ, Tie Downs, and Event Tie Down and Staging Area.




2022 Events

September 10th – 18th   2022

Annual Safari at the Glider Park!

Its Back! “All Birds are Welcome!” Free event just east of Sun Valley.  Indian Summer days and cool nights.

Paragliders, Hang Gliders, Sailplanes, and Self Launching Sailplanes are all welcome. Awesome glass off and cloud bases well above the Big Lost River Range. Fly to Montana or Yellowstone. Wave Window. Campfire, Potlucks, Star Gazing, Hiking, Mountain Biking and Fishing. Free camping at the Glider Park. Big Air and Big Country! Lions, tigers, and bears…Oh my! Satellite based personal locator with tracking function strongly recommended.

Call John to rsvp at (208) 407-7174.