Photo by Ralph Kangas

Hang Glider LZ and the marked power line north of runway 16

The following Airport information was filed with the FAA in October 2008, and is pending official publication and charting by the FAA.  For further information contact the Airport Manager at (208) 407 -7174. 

King Mountain Glider Park        Identifier  ID36 

    Latitude        43* 45’ 47.0”
    Longitude   113* 20’ 38.0”
    Airport Elevation   5500’

Runway Data 

   Runway   16/34
   Length     3900’
   Width      120’
   Surface    Turf
   Traffic Pattern   Left   
   Lighting   None
   Unicom    None 

   Wind Indicator   Yes
   Segmented Circle   Yes
   Beacon     No
   Unicom   No   Recommended air to air 122.9 or ham 147.510
   Fuel    No    Arco airport 7 miles south with 100LL and jet fuel
   Phone   No   Limited cell phone coverage on the field 

Obstruction Data 

-Runway 16 has a displaced threshold of 800’ feet due to a 40’ foot overhead power line and a fence located 5’ feet north of the Runway.  The power line is marked with balls and unlighted.  The fence is unmarked and unlighted. 

-Runway 34 has a displaced threshold of 200’ feet due to a 5’ foot fence located 5’ feet south of the runway.  The fence is unmarked and unlighted. 


-Runway 16/34 displaced threshold marked with orange cones. 

-Runway 16/34 marked with orange cones. 

-Airport located in high mountain valley surrounded by high terrain. 

-Special consideration should be given to density altitude, turbulence, and mountain flying experience and proficiency. 

-Glider operations on and in vicinity of airport up to 18,000′ MSL. 

-Hang Glider and Paraglider operations on and in vicinity of airport up to 18,000′ MSL. 

-Use caution for farm and irrigation equipment operating on and near the runway. 

-Motorized aircraft shall not operate on the airport at night. 

-Motorized aircraft weighing more than 4000 pounds shall not operate on the airport. 

-No winter maintenance. 

Runway 34